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Pledged support to WFMU's 2014 Marathon!

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Feelings, my feelings are stuck on a old tin can in the infinite blue. Dont worru im not asking you to care! In actuality i am asking you to buy me a beer and listen to a story which whatever path it takes feelings will be involved! So just sit there with a distinguished smug on yor face, while ill be sifting rhru stories, so they can become words. Words of interest....... Whatever happened to me to be here right now, wherever i am......... Gently becoming your own thaught of persona, with the rage of humanity lurking with in my veines, selfish words it may be. I wonder if thoose thoughts have entered my human persona. Poetry reading and writing, fish killing and eating, glacier looking, mountain wandering, marijuana smoking, alchol drinking. Autodidact i have gained with that, whatever manroll the joint and let the enhanced emotion be the final jugdement, of this , whatever


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